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At Semper FI Hydroseed and Erosion Control, we are a veteran owned and operated company, and hiring veterans is a top priority for us! We enjoy working alongside veterans, as we understand the work ethics and core values that one must possess in order to carry out a successful day. Semper FI has been hydroseeding since 2006, and in the next 7 years we plan to have 10 full time hydroseed crews.

At Semper FI Hydroseed we pride ourselves on our five Core Values:

Integrity – We maintain a high level of integrity to ensure that our work is honest and based around our strong moral principles.

Safety – We must  implement safety in all that we do. We will not compromise safety for speed or quality. Our protocols in combination with our safety procedures ensure that our employees and our customers are safe at all times, and we always practice FR, OSIA, and PPE guidelines and regulations.

Consistency – Consistency is key! We pride ourselves on our consistent work and consistent results. When we are consistent for our customers, it builds confidence.

Loyalty – We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of loyalty. Being loyal means that we are devoted to exceeding our customers’ expectations and keeping them happy.

Commitment – We are committed to providing outstanding services with outstanding results.

We support Mission22 out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ooh Rah! By hiring our company, you are hiring the best in the business, plus your giving back 3% your job, we donate to Mission22, remembering the 22 veterans per day who commit suicide. Saving lives through real employment opportunities and a work environment where they can thrive is a rewarding experience for us at Semper FI Hydroseed. We donate 3% of every job to this non-profit organization and looking forward to the many opportunities to come with hiring these awesome veterans from all military services.

Thank you for considering us for your next hydroseeding job; we will make you proud! For more information, make sure you fill out a form on the contact page or pick up the phone and call us at 918-440-3773.



Semper FI

Clint Bates

Owner, Semper FI Hydroseed & Erosion Control